What is standing seam?

Standing seam metal roofing is a system that has NO exposed screws, all fasteners are hidden. Standing Seam roofs are much different from Ag panels you may see on a barn or a shed. We use a 24g metal when forming our panels, Ag panels (expose screws) are typically 28g-30g. The paint on our metal is a Kynar 500 or similar finish. This gives the finish a LIFETIME warranty and the thicker gage gives the roof the longest life a metal roof can have.

Here at WB Exteriors we form our own standing seam metal panels with our roll forming machine. This gives us the ability to have very little waste and no added money for Crating. We pass these savings on to you, making our Metal roof systems the best value on the market.

Who to Hire?

When searching for a company to hire for installation of a Standing Seam Metal roof you must be vigilant about who you invite to bid the roof. Every roofer says they CAN install metal until it’s time to actually install them. They quickly find out they, or the subcontractor they hired, can not install a standing seam roof and will either install it poorly or walk away. I’ve seen it first hand as we are the company contractors call to fix these poorly installed roofs. Many times we have to remove the entire roof system that was poorly installed and install our system. It’s a sad situation and much too common.

Why WB Exteriors?

Here at WB Exteriors we specialize in Standing Seam Metal Roof installations it’s ALL we do. We don’t install asphalt shingles, we don’t install decks or windows or your typical siding, we only do metal and the majority of it is Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems. We continuously train in the latest methods and always strive for perfection. We stand behind our installs 100% and never walk away from a job once it’s started. Our experience and knowledge is second to none and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.


We typically use Coated Metals Group (cmg) for our metal. It has a great paint warranty and there are many color options to choose from. You can check CMG out more on their website www.cmgmetals.com.
We also use Firestone, PAC clad and McElroy metals if needed or desired.